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Throwing the Baby Out with the Proverbial Bathwater

Once upon a time, back, way back in the early 80’s I attended a

liberal leadership convention. What I saw and experienced colored my

views of some of the people carrying the banner for parties at that

level of government.

I began excited to be a part of history. After sitting in a meeting

listening to backroom talk that was dividing up the potential spoils, if

they won. I left. Gone was my naivety. I did not stay for the final vote

and never attended another convention like that again.

I do believe that this occurs in all parties too. It is inherent in playing

the game of politics. No system is without these problems. And even

with this experience lodged firmly in my mind's eye, I can see that our

system is much better than most. To thank our lucky stars all we need

do is check out the mess south of the border.

However I digress.

Now I had never been a ‘provincial’ liberal and unfortunately there is,

in my humble opinion a distinct difference. Oh don’t get me wrong.

There are the shining lights - people who wear their integrity and

altruistic desire to be the best politician possible firmly attached to

their jackets. Jim Bradley comes immediately to mind. Everything

politicians like him have done in their tenure as representatives of their

constituents proves this. But many do not.

In my limited experience I have found many of these types of people

in the political world at all levels, municipal, regional, even school

boards. Somehow they seem to have forgotten that being elected to

‘represent’ us means something to some of us long after the election

is over.

We expect these people to do their jobs and to advocate for our

diverse interests. And they are many. Many people welcome

investment that will foster a healthy economy. However many do not

believe that selling off necessary services like hydro and water, or

heaven forbid, sewage treatment facilities to private, profit making,

bottom line conglomerates, will bode well for the future of our people

and province.

The same goes for our natural lands heritage. Some people rightly are

questioning “Why are we STILL protesting these issues after laws and

safety protectorates were put in place years ago!”

Did we not actually win those battles – once upon a time??

Well of course the answer is “Yes we did.” However those who lost

the battles are still around and now ready for round 2. This time

though they just figured they’d by-pass the pesky and worrisome tree

huggers, environmentalists and now their grandchildren as well, and

just go to China, eat some Chinese food and sell our birthright as a


And they really thought no one would notice – or care?

I remain a card carrying federal liberal for a number of reasons. The

most important reason to me is that Justin Trudeau and his federal party have,

and continue to listen to ‘the people’…

And THAT is what true representative democracy is supposed to be, isn’t


I will never again commit to the provincial party and suggest that our

provincial leaders and regional counterparts need to take a refresher

course in what representative government is supposed to be before

they literally and figuratively give away the baby and the bath water !

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