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Just Thinking Out Loud

(Did I 'say' that?)


I wanted to write something lighthearted and funny about the Republican National Convention - but the RNC" beat me to it.


Well them and the guy who just said it was amazing, that being as anti-LGBT as the GOP is, that they could “appropriate” Freddy Mercury and Queens’ song “We are the Champions” – again.


However, as we all saw - again, against the wishes of the band itself, there they were with BOZO, ummm "The" Donald Trump, rising from the smoke and ashes of the Republican Party to center stage rocking to Queen's anthem.


To the writer who commented: “Let me guess. Mrs. Trump actually wrote it.” Kudos.


Best line of the RNC so far!


Okay and just in case you need a reminder of what not to take to this party, the following are verboten: stoves; any and all projectile launchers; your sword, saber, hatchet, or axe.


And put your cestus (ancient battle gloves) back in the dresser drawer because they are NOT allowed on site either. But cowboys, police worries aside, get out your guns and wear them proudly.


Now you CAN also bring fresh white bread, which deforms elastically, but no biscuits, or crackers because they are considered to be “frangible” material. Yes. Really!


Canned goods and tennis balls are Not allowed. However baseballs seem to have made the cut <g> since they aren’t listed as prohibited items.


And don’t get me started on Melania Trump’s use of Michele Obama’s speech from 2008. Although I don’t condone plagiarism I do think in this case she showed she is capable of recognizing the ‘best’ {drum roll} in something.


And the week has just begun… Stay tuned!


* Republican National Committee (RNC)

NOTE: Larry Harmon, (same hair as ... DT... No??) the entrepreneur who brought Bozo the Clown to television as a children's show host in the late 1950s and spent the next 50 years promoting the flame-haired circus character, died Thursday, July 4th, 2008. He was 83.

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