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Updated: Aug 27, 2022


Some people write and expect to make a living doing so. Me, I’m

the other kind.

I have never considered that I would make money with my words. It

is a kind of therapy for me. I write when I’m happy and want to share.

I write when I am angry and also want an audience with whom to

communicate my frustrations and angst. I write when I am overcome

with sadness and when the world just doesn’t get it.

I write to unburden my soul, but most of all, I write to explain me, to

myself and to others.

Today is Canada Day, 2016. Canada became a kingdom in its own

right on July 1st, 1867. Communities across this great country host

events today to celebrate living in the greatest country on earth


Canada Day also signifies the beginning of the summer to many.

School's out. Family vacations and day trips to the beach on the

agenda of many. Hot summer days swimming and long, cool nights

reading and recharging after a busy school/work year. Time to play

and relax.

This Canada Day also brings back memories of my sister Dale who

passed away in October of 2013. She was a twin and four years

younger than I. She left us at way too young an age.

Dale hated the heat, really hated it, but loved the summer holidays

because it freed up the time her grandchildren had to spend with her.

Many was the time we arrived to play cards at her home to find the

central air on full blast. Olivia, her second grand daughter, was in the

kitchen finishing up the baking of one delicious treat, or another, to

assure that we card sharks did not succumb to ‘death-by- thinness’.

Believe me that would never happen (LOL). However I digress.

This July Olivia is facing a medical emergency of her own. Now I’m

convinced Olivia will be fine and in a couple of weeks we will all look

back at this time and be glad it is over. I’m also sure that her

grandmother has been looking down from heaven, sitting in her chair

with all the family’s passed pets, lying at her feet, or draped over her

arms, neck and lap, watching over her as every good guardian angel

would do.

So when I think of Canada Day this year I think of our many

blessings which belong to us who proudly call ourselves Canadians.

Eh? Be proud, be strong and be patriotic on this our special day –

July 1st, 2016…

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