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They just don't understand . . .


I can’t watch the Ghomeshi trial reports anymore, but I really don’t need to…I already know where it is headed.

True to form the victims are being judged by people who have no idea what changes are wrought on a person’s psyche when they have been assaulted. While I, a survivor, look at the fact that they spoke to each other and that they attempted contact with their abuser as being ‘normal’ survivor behavior, the rest of the un-abused in society see the victims as ‘out to get’ this sadistic manipulator of women.

Think about it... Who else would know what they went through? Who wouldn't be quick to label and judge them for ending up in this hell?

For the same reasons that a tortured and assaulted wife goes back again and again to her husband, these women do likewise to Ghomeshi. It is sad but it happens every day. When will society realize the courage it takes for these women, as with Bill Cosby’s 40 odd victims to come forward, bare their souls to public scrutiny, embarrassing themselves publicly and suffer all this for what? Fame, fortune?

I think not. However maybe they do it hoping to get back some of their lost self-esteem by exposing these predators to the world.

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